• AI Conference at the Berlin School of Business & Innovation

On 24 June the AI scene will meet in Berlin-Neukölln. The “1st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence” at the BSBI is primarily about the topics of sustainable e-governance and business intelligence. Admission is free. 

Academics, public administration and AI companies are addressed. The “1st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence” at the Berlin School of Business & Innovation (BSBI) aims to bridge the gap that still exists between the “producers” of Artificial Intelligence – i.e. those who develop AI technologies – and the users.

“Another objective of the conference is to provide a platform where BSBI and the speakers invited can present the potentials of AI in administration and companies to the participants,” says Prof. Dr. Lawrence Ibeh, organiser of the AI conference and Professor of Computer Science and IT at BSBI. In addition, AI start-ups and companies can present applications and use cases from the areas of governance, education and business at the conference.

The rapid growth of AI research and its application in the course of the corona pandemic provided an impetus for the BSBI conference. With this event, the BSBI aims explicitly to promote AI research that is relevant to practice. Prof. Dr. Lawrence Ibeh: “One of the biggest challenges for business schools is to produce knowledge that is both academically sound and practically applicable.”

Bringing AI producers and consumers together

The central theme of the one-day event is “AI for Sustainable e-governance and Business Intelligence”. The sub-theme “AI, Human-Machine-Learning” deals with more theoretical aspects of AI. And within the framework of the events on the second main topic “AI Applications in Sustainable e-governance and Business Intelligence”, the speakers will primarily deal with Artificial Intelligence in a practical way – and certainly think outside the box. This is because scientists who are only indirectly involved with AI were also able to apply as speakers.

It is no coincidence that the 1st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence of the BSBI is taking place in the Brain City Berlin, as Lawrence Ibeh explains: “Berlin is home to a considerable number of research institutions and business schools. In addition, the region is characterised by a unique culture of cooperation. And in the field of AI, Berlin is the centre for start-ups and innovative technology companies in Germany.” In terms of technological developments and digital innovations, the city is in no way inferior to the tech hubs in the USA and China.”

And what does Prof. Dr. Lawrence Ibeh think are the next milestones in AI development? “I am fascinated by the fact that we can use algorithms to imitate human intelligence artificially,” says the computer scientist. “As research has shown, the next milestone in AI development will be the focus on innovative AI products that directly impact society and our daily lives. These include AI in education via the metaverse, AI in healthcare, AI in e-commerce, AI in agriculture, AI in entertainment, etc. And the introduction of AI will be more scalable than it is today – to give the different products a wider impact.”

The “1st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence” will take place on 24 June 2023 at the BSBI campus (Auditorium 402) in Neukölln Karl-Marx-Strasse 97-99. Participation is free of charge. (vdo)

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