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    Brain City Berlin: Top 10 Events in 2021

Digital, hybrid, or live in-person: even in this new year, events in the Brain City Berlin will be shaped by the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic. The established trade fairs, conventions, and other public events will nevertheless take place. After all, Berlin officially declared itself a “Wissensstadt” in 2021. To mark this special year, around 100 events will invite people to participate and learn about the latest approaches and innovative solutions. Lockdown or not, it will definitely be exciting! We've put together a list of ten highlights.

1. “Wissensstadt Berlin 2021” (all year)

This year in Berlin is going to be all about science. As part of the theme year “Wissensstadt Berlin 2021" (Knowledge City Berlin 2021), numerous top scientific institutions in the Brain City Berlin are planning around 100 events that will not only provide information but also invite people to participate. The occasion is the bicentennial of the birth of physiologist and physicist Hermann von Helmholtz and of medical doctor and politician Rudolf Virchow. For example, the Berlin Medical Museum of Medical History at the Charité will have a special exhibition on “Rudolf Virchow and Medicine.” And the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers (HGF) will hold events at its locations in cooperation with other institutions that will focus on the scientific interdisciplinarity typical of Berlin.

2. “Europäische Freiwilligenhauptstadt 2021 (all year) 

Berlin has been named “Europäische Freiwilligenhauptstadt 2021” (European Volunteering Capital 2021). The Centre for European Volunteering thus honours all that Berlin and its people achieve in terms of volunteering and honorary work. In the campaign year, the city wants to show the diverse ways its citizens are involved and get even more inspired to pitch in. The basic idea behind all of the activities is that voluntary engagement strengthens democracy and social cohesion in society. Studies have also shown that volunteering can make you happy. During the year as Europäische Freiwilligenhauptstadt, Brain City Berlin will focus on the societal values that are also of great importance for a lively scientific landscape: community, integration, diversity, belonging and solidarity. 

3. Open Science Conference Berlin (17 – 19 February 2021) 

The Open Science Conference will take place for the eighth time in the Brain City Berlin. The actors want to involve the public worldwide in scientific research. #osc2021 will be one of the largest international events on the topic. At the three-day event hosted online this year by the Leibniz Research Alliance Open Science, researchers, librarians, practitioners, infrastructure providers, political decision-makers and representatives of other important interest groups will discuss the latest and future developments in open science. The day before, on 16 February 2021, the associated Open Science Barcamp #oscibar will take place. www.open-science-conference.eu/barcamp/

4. Digital Medicine Week (23 – 26 February 2021) 

Four days, four interlinked conferences, one goal: the first Digital Medicine Week will be about improving everyday life for patients. The interactive format will provide insights into everyday patient life, present patient-related digital innovations and offer entrepreneurs from the health sector a stage. Researchers are invited to take part in a researchathon. The DMW is organized by the hih – health innovation hub of the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).

5. BIONNALE 2021 (12 May 2021)

As the largest networking event for the life sciences and healthcare industry in Berlin and Brandenburg, the BIONNALE brings together more than 900 representatives from science and industry for one day. This is the 19th Bionnale, which will be carried out as a hybrid format this year. The organiser is the HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg Cluster Management. Detailed information on the program will be released shortly.

6. Long Night of Sciences (5 June 2021)

Last year, the “smartest night of the year” was cancelled due to the pandemic. In June 2021, however, more than 60 science and research institutions in Berlin and Potsdam plan to open their doors again to visitors from Berlin and the region. The program for this year's Long Night of the Sciences (LNDW) will include around 2,000 events, readings, lectures, workshops, performances and experiments. But, if you can't wait until 5 June: the LNDW podcast  <https://braincity.berlin/podcasts> gives a lively insight into the diversity of research in the Brain City Berlin. Since the pandemic has struck, this monthly podcast in lieu of the cancelled LNDW2020 event has been released with the support of Brain City Berlin. Each episode covers a new, exciting topic!  

7. Future Mobility Summit (8 June 2021)

Mobility as we know it today will not be around for much longer. But what will it look like in the future? And what challenges, but also opportunities, is the industry currently facing? Such questions will be discussed at the Future Mobility Summit in Berlin. Around 1,500 national and international mobility decision-makers from politics, business, science, associations, NGOs and trade unions will take part. The agenda includes discussions, keynotes, master classes and networking events. This year, the Summit will take place as a hybrid event: both online and in person at the Technische Universität Berlin. 

8. Greentech Festival (16 – 18 June 2021)

“We have to inspire as many people as possible and get them involves,” says Nico Rosberg. In order to accelerate the changes necessary to implement green technology, the former Formula 1 world champion together with engineers and entrepreneurs Marco Voigt and Sven Krüger launched the Greentech Festival at the former Tempelhof Airport in 2019. In 2021, the three-day event will again be about the latest technologies for a green future. The GREEN AWARDS will be presented to the world's most innovative green projects and pioneers. The motto of this year's environmental festival: "Let's celebrate change together."

9. World Health Summit (24 – 26 October 2021) 

The World Health Summit, which takes place annually in Berlin, is one of the most important international conferences on global health. During the special year devoted to "Wissensstadt Berlin  2021,” the summit will have a special focus: the influence of Rudolf Virchow and Hermann von Helmholtz on global research development. In addition, leading representatives from science, business, politics and civil society will discuss important issues of global health in Berlin, make recommendations and issue challenges. The World Health Summit was founded in 2009 at the Charité. Goal of the summit: to improve global health through open dialogue and collaboration while preserving scientific independence.

10. Berlin Science Week (November 2021)

The exact date has not yet been set. But it is certain that the Berlin Science Week will once again take place this year in November. The ten-day international science festival brings together events at numerous locations throughout Berlin and shows that the Brain City is a world-leading and extremely lively location for science. A highlight in the context of the Berlin Science Week is the Falling Walls Conference Berlin. On 9 November, a date steeped in world history, international experts and young researchers will present groundbreaking research projects in Berlin. (vdo)

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