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    Wanted: innovative and creative ideas from science and research!

With the science fair “Tabula rasa - Science you can touch”, Urania Berlin offers 40 young scientists a public forum: On 30 October, at the start of the Berlin Science Week, you can present your ideas and projects and discuss them publicly. The application deadline is 1 September 2021.

The Berlin science fair “Tabula rasa - Science you can touch” is all about ideas and projects on current topics relating to digitisation, the environment and climate, medicine and health. The broad content focus is nothing unusual for Berlin, as worldwide the Brain City is considered to be an innovative and diverse science location. What is unusual about the theme day, which Urania Berlin is organising on 30 October at the start of the Berlin Science Week, are the protagonists: 40 young scientists from the capital region are sought who will present their extraordinary and creative ideas and projects in a forum – and then discuss them with experts and visitors in an informal exchange. Only with progress, innovation, and also crazy ideas, can science stay alive and be diverse.

Young researchers can apply publicly to participate in the forum until 1 September 2021. All of the projects and ideas submitted will be considered by a jury. In the selection, a special focus is placed on diversity – together with the Berlin universities, different scientific areas are specifically included.

Application form (German only, application deadline: 1 September 2021, 18:00; Feedback until 21 September 2021)

Who can apply

Young scientists from Berlin and the surrounding area (from science, research, business and the independent scene)

•    with new ideas and projects, also transdisciplinary,
•    with the possibility of a public presentation and readiness for dialogue.

Why apply?

The science fair offers the participating scientists the opportunity to

•    present their projects and ideas to a broad audience from civil society, science, business and politics,
•    participate in the Wissensstadt Berlin project,
•    become visible as part of the Berlin Science Week,
•    get to know other ideas and network.

All 40 selected participants will also receive pitch posters for their project, the opportunity of a trial pitch and access to all Berlin Science Week events. They will also be involved in the accompanying public relations work regarding the Tabula rasa.

In addition to the public forum for young scientists, the Tabula rasa offers other exciting highlights: A short film program on the subject of urban nature will deal in particular with the subjects of biodiversity and climate change; after the screenings, visitors will be able to converse with the filmmakers and protagonists. A moderated final discussion will also bring politicians and scientists into conversation with one another. And for children there is the hands-on area “Understanding science”.

The science fair “Tabula rasa” will be held as part of the Wissensstadt Berlin 2021 project in Urania Berlin. It is funded by the Berlin Senate Chancellery - Science and Research.


TABULA RASA - Science you can touch, (website German only) 30 October 2021, all day, from 10 a.m. in Urania Berlin.


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