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    Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2022: apply by 4 July

This year’s round of the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award has begun. Products, concepts and solutions are sought that exemplify the innovative capabilities and economic strength of the capital region. Companies based in the Brain City Berlin and Brandenburg can apply, including those working with universities and scientific institutes.

Thanks to its idea of offering video chats to provide programming training to children and teenagers, Codary, a startup based at the CHIC Charlottenburg Innovation Centre, was the winner of last year’s Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award along with KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH. The life sciences company developed a mechanism to quickly and flexibly produce mRNA vaccines to fight coronavirus. Which products, concepts and solutions will be showcased this year is not yet known. The competition for Berlin Brandenburg 2022 is just getting started.

Startups, established businesses and research and science collaborations can apply for the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2022 until 4 July.

Players from clusters in the capital region may also take part. Applications can be made regardless of size or age, alone or in B2B constellations. Applicants must be based in Berlin or Brandenburg. The award is closely linked to the Joint Innovation Strategy of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg (innoBB 2025) with total prize money of 50,000 euros.

The award is given to innovative products, concepts and solutions from the five innoBB 2025 clusters

  • Healthcare Industries
  • Energy Technology
  • ICT, Media and Creative industries
  • Optics and Photonics
  • Transport, Mobility and Logistics

A special prize can be awarded for innovations that are particularly socially relevant. This is not associated with a monetary prize. However, as with the other award-winning companies, the prizewinner will also be integrated into the Innovation Award’s public relations work and receives a marketing package.

Highlighting the capital’s innovative spirit

The goal of awarding this joint prize each year by the states of Berlin and Brandenburg is to highlight innovations from the clusters and exemplify the innovative capabilities and economic strength of Berlin and Brandenburg. “Our capital is one of the most dynamic economic regions,” says Stephan Schwarz, Berlin’s Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.“ It is home to many people and businesses that are driving innovation with their ideas and creative power. This is essential for successfully tackling the growing challenges of our time.”

Jörg Steinbach, Brandenburg’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy, also appealed to the innovative spirit of regional companies at the start of this year’s competition. “With this award, we are supporting your ideas and with good reason, as innovation means advancement. Only companies that continue to develop can successfully establish themselves on the market.” 

Focus of the competition

Technical/technological innovations, as well as exemplary, non-technical innovations, organisational and marketing concepts and business models are awarded. The content particularly focusses on innovations that

  • drive digital change,
  • enable new work processes,
  • add social value or significant value in terms of environmental sustainability,
  • encourage open innovation,
  • contribute to greater working flexibility for employees,
  • redesign production processes,
  • promote sustainability as a core principle,
  • implement a circular economy in processes and products in a significant way, and
  • enhance existing local value chains and/or create new ones.

Almost 40 years of tradition

The Innovation Award has been handed out by Berlin Brandenburg since 1992. In 1984, it was awarded for the first time in Berlin. Since then, there have been more than 170 prize winners and over 4,300 applications. Last year, 168 companies and collaborations took part in the competition. Economic companies and institutions from the region are closely involved as award partners. 

Nominees for the 2022 Innovation Award will be announced on 10 October. The award ceremony for the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2022 will take place on 25 November 2022. (vdo)
More information and applicationswww.innovationspreis.de

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