• Brain City Berlin, Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2024

    Starting signal for the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2024

Companies, start-ups and craft businesses based in the Brain City Berlin or in Brandenburg can apply for the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2024 until 8 July – cooperations with scientific institutions are possible. Prize money of 15,000 euros per category is up for grabs.

This year, the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award is once again focussing on future-oriented ideas “Made in Berlin and Brandenburg”. Outstanding products, processes and services as well as non-technical concepts and solutions that exemplify the innovative strength and economic power of the capital region are being sought. The aim of the Innovation Award, which is jointly awarded annually by the states of Berlin and Brandenburg, is to make innovations from the five regional business and science clusters visible and to promote future-oriented and marketable innovations and therefore entrepreneurial development in the capital region. Companies, start-ups and craft businesses can take part – also in cooperation with scientific institutions. Individuals and teams, especially from universities and scientific institutions, can also participate

What is being awarded?

The award is given to innovative products, concepts and solutions from the five innoBB 2025 clusters: Healthcare, energy technology, ICT, media and creative industries, optics and photonics as well as traffic, mobility and logistics.

The focus of the selection is on innovations that:

  • drive the digital transformation
  • enable new work processes
  • have added social value or significant added value in the area of environmental sustainability
  • open up the innovation processes further (open innovation)
  • contribute to greater working flexibility for employees,
  • help to redesign production processes
  • promote sustainability as a core principle,
  • implement a circular economy in processes and products in a significant way,
  • enhance existing local value chains and/or create new ones.

Apply online here for the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award 2024 (until 8 July, 12 noon)

What is there to win?

This year’s Innovation Award is endowed with 15,000 euros per prize winner. Berlin and Brandenburg are awarding prize money totalling 75,000 euros. The winners also receive a marketing package and will be involved in the Innovation Award’s public relations work on specific occasions.

A special prize can be awarded for innovations that are particularly socially relevant. This is not associated with a monetary prize. However, as with the other award-winning companies, the award winner will also be integrated into the Innovation Award’s public relations work and will receive a marketing package.

As Franziska Giffey, Berlin’s Senator for Economic Affairs, Energy and Public Enterprises, emphasised, the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award offers founders an ideal platform to present innovative achievements to a wide audience and at the same time show what the capital region has to offer. “For many participants in the past, the competition was a decisive step towards an economic breakthrough,” said Giffey. And Brandenburg’s Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Energy, Jörg Steinbach, added: “Companies that think about tomorrow today and drive innovation forward not only create an essential prerequisite for their economic success, but also make a significant contribution to social development.”

About the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award

The Innovation Award has been jointly organised by the states of Berlin and Brandenburg since 1992. It was awarded for the first time in Berlin in 1984. Since then, there have been more than 180 prize winners and over 4,560 applications. The joint Innovation Award honours innovative and outstanding entrepreneurial achievements every year. The Innovation Award is linked to the  Joint Innovation Strategy of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg (innoBB 2025)

The nominees for the 2024 Innovation Award will be announced on 15 October. The award ceremony will take place on 29 November. (vdo)


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