• Dr.-Ing. Onur Günlü, #BrainCityBerlin

    Dr.-Ing. Onur Günlü, Technische Universität Berlin

Brain City Berlin Ambassador Dr.-Ing. Onur Günlü works as research group leader and lecturer at the Department of Telecommunication Systems of the Technischen Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). His area of expertise are theoretical foundations of information and communications technology. For his research on "Security and Privacy for Future Communication Networks" he was awarded the Johann-Philipp-Reis-Preis 2021 in November 2021.

I like seeing the calmness of the Spree and the welcoming attitude of Berliners towards foreigners. People here are open to new ideas and this is great!” Dr. Onur Günlü works as a research associate at the Information Theory and Applications Chair of the Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin). His research is highly theoretical: "It is about finding ways to provide provable privacy to individuals and their digital devices. I use information-theoretic and coding-theoretic methods to solve real-life security and privacy problems in a provably secure, low cost, and individual-oriented manner rather than giving the illusion of privacy that would deceive the individuals," he says.

Berlin offers diversity and an action-oriented life style. This is also visible in the research activities due to bold actions that can be taken by collaborations of interdisciplinary groups or even universities.

Instead of just imagining what each person would want to have in terms of privacy, he orients his algorithms to individual's needs. "Real implementations of our theoretically-optimal solutions show that it is possible to provide ‘real’ security and privacy in the digital era."

Onur Günlü particularly appreciates that Berlin offers him space for free thinking and thus also to question things. “This can bring the most abrupt and surprising research results into reality unlike the traditional way that would block out-of-the-box thinking," he says. (vdo)

Left to right: Lars Keitel, Mayor of Friedrichsdorf, Dr.-Ing. Onur Günlü, Daniel Chr. Glöckner, Mayor of Gelnhausen and Dr. Volker Schanz, Managing Director Informationstechnische Gesellschaft at VDE

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