Dr. Cristina Fróes de Borja Reis
Technische Universität Berlin | IPODI Fellow

Brain City Berlin

Brain City Berlin Ambassador: Dr. Cristina Fróes de Borja Reis (Technische Universität Berlin)


International Economics, was a Scholarship holder of the International Post-Doc Initiative (IPODI Fellow, TU Berlin) until 2020. She now lives and works back in her hometown Sao Paulo, Brazil. She still feels very connected to Berlin. 

Dr. Cristina Fróes de Borja Reis was researching the productive value chain of machines and equipment in Berlin, following the IPODI initiative of the Technische Universität Berlin. 



Why did you choose Berlin in 2017?

My research is about the value chains of machines and equipment, which is a traditional productive sector in Germany. In addition, TU Berlin offered a very attractive post doctoral program for women, so I decided that I could not miss it.


What excites you about Berlin?

Knowledge mindset and infrastructure, cultural diversity, straightforward people.


What are your private interests and hobbies?

Society, Nature, Spirituality, Love.


What is your personal message for Berlin as a center for science?

Berlin, thank you for embracing my family so fairly, we are doing our best to contribute to your cultural, knowledge and social atmosphere.