Felix Günther
Technische Universität Berlin

Brain City Berlin

Brain City Berlin Ambassador: Felix Günther (Technische Universität Berlin)


Scientific assistant in the research field “discretization in geometry and dynamics” at the Institute of Mathematics




How long have you lived in Berlin?

Since September 1, 2016 (I had already lived in Berlin up until September 5, 2014).


Why did you choose Berlin?

I grew up in Berlin and came to love the city. While studying mathematics, I benefited from the variety of options at Berlin's universities and their cooperation in the joint international graduate school, the Berlin Mathematical School. After spending two years at various research institutes in Europe, I returned to the location of my postdoc, since the special research area "discretization in geometry and dynamics" offered me the best options for my research in discrete differential geometry.


What excites you about Berlin?

Strong research landscape, culture, variety of leisure options, transport links, green spaces and lakes.


What are your private interests and hobbies?

Partner dancing (standard and Latin, salsa, swing, Argentine tango), playing board games, reading Die Zeit and historical novels, watching political cabaret.


What is your personal message for Berlin as a center for science?

Berlin is the city in which mathematical research takes place and is presented to the public - the Science Slam, for example.