Paul von Gruben
Technische Universität Berlin (Alumnus)

Brain City Berlin Ambassador: Paul von Gruben (Technische Universität Berlin)


Faculty of Economics and Management - Chair of Innovation Economics

Paul von Gruben researches in the field of innovation economics at the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Technische Universität Berlin.


How long have you lived in Berlin?

Since 9 years .


Why did you choose Berlin?

I came to Berlin to do my Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering at the TU Berlin. The TU Berlin has an excellent reputation and Berlin is a great city to live in. The most important reason for me to come to Berlin was that it is very international and diverse in people and activities.


What excites you about Berlin?

Berlin has a lot of history and is the political center of Germany.


What are your private interests and hobbies?

I am engaged in the leadership team of the Open Ideo Berlin Chapter where we develop a community to help other people have an (social) impact on their environment.


What is your personal message for Berlin as a center for science?

Berlin is already an internationally renowned tech hub. Universities and institutes need to leverage the closeness and spill-overs even more!