• Prof. Dr. Peter Konhäusner, Gisma University of Applied Sciences

Entrepreneurship, Digital Transformation & Platforms, Crowdfunding and Marketing - these are the main research areas of Prof. Dr. Peter Konhäusner. Born in Austria, he has lived in Brain City Berlin since 2014.

Entrepreneurship is something close to Prof. Dr Peter Konhäusner's heart. He himself has been an entrepreneur for more than two decades and brings a lot of practical experience to his academic work at the Gisma University of Applied Sciences. It is particularly important to him to take a holistic view of entrepreneurship. After all, founding and managing a company involves many aspects. "In today's world, digital elements, the platform economy and storytelling play a crucial role in marketing," explains the Brain City Ambassador. "Many students also ask: How can I finance it? This is where innovative forms such as crowdfunding come into question. I find the networking of the individual areas particularly exciting, mixed with a good pinch of innovation.”

In 2000, Peter Konhäusner founded his first company. A deliberate jump into the deep end, as he says today. "With a lot of effort, a great team, an open mindset and a little bit of luck, we were able to rise to become one of the leading media houses in the German-speaking region." After 15 years in business, he decided to give something back to society using his experience as an entrepreneur. "I became a business angel and mentor. At the same time, a professorial colleague asked me if I didn't want to take up my tutoring position again, which I had started during my studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business," he recalls. "I then felt the appeal of research again, to delve deeper into a topic and to create something useful for practice from it." He then did so, together with students and during his doctorate at the Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj -Napoca. "Research gives you so much in return: A sense of calm, insight, inspiration. And also the urge to go further and look even closer."

Peter Konhäusner is currently working with various incubators and accelerators and is involved in future projects, for example on the topic of mobility of the future. "Together with the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, we are analysing the topic of mobility via the waterway between Berlin and the Jungfernsee in Potsdam, where our WOW campus is located." The topic "Future of Work" is also a subject for him - especially the future of work in urban space. "Right now we are also in the middle of a proposal process for a 3-year project to do with game development platforms in Europe."

International connectivity, creative exchange, specialists in many exciting niches: Berlin is a nucleus for innovation, a living tree of knowledge and a network of cultures, experiences and perspectives. If research can't flourish here, where else can it?

Austrian-born Peter Konhäusner has been living in Berlin since 2014 – the decision to go to Brain City was initially an entrepreneurial one for him. "The choices were between Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Our choice fell on the up-and-coming capital city with its huge potential. Here we were able to recruit professionals, find partners and expand our business." Berlin is unique, a big city that is buzzing, he says. “But what makes the city so special for me is that everyone can find their place here. Berlin is inclusive without having to define it. I find that so important, especially in a world like today. Berlin is a global city, geopolitically relevant. I personally love the diversity of Berlin - the variety of people, culture and places. It offers you energy and inspiration – and that’s usually only one S-Bahn station away.”

The diversity and cosmopolitanism of Brain City Berlin also enriches Peter Konhäusner's scientific work at Gisma. "We also work closely with the HTW University of Applied Sciences (HTW Berlin) and, as already mentioned, with the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences on various projects. Internationally, our research collaborations range from Brazil to Spain to Romania and Asia. This diversity is enormously important for us," he explains. "People from more than 75 nations study with us on campus. And we are also connected worldwide via our global network (GUS). International guest researchers also work at the Multidisciplinary Research Center for Innovations in SMEs (MrciS) at Gisma - in order to implement innovations in the field of small and medium-sized companies.

For young researchers who want to come to Berlin, Peter Konhäusner recommends above all to be open, stay curious and to live life-long learning. “Three aspects come together in the city: Lots of exciting people, a great infrastructure and up-and-coming young companies. This triangle of future opens up many possibilities. Also and especially for scientists.” Combining science with entrepreneurship can be seen as a vocation and can have a lasting effect on society. Peter Konhäusner knows this from his own experience. “Scientists can become triggers, idea generators, catalysts or even entrepreneurs themselves. More people are needed who think out-of-the-box and across borders, work in an interdisciplinary manner and are courageous. So look for connections, network and have fun with knowledge!” (vdo)

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