• Prof. Dr. René Sadowski

    Prof. Dr. René Sadowski | ISM Berlin

Brain City Berlin Ambassador Prof. Dr. René Sadowski teaches and researches in the Strategy, Finance & Innovation Department of the International School of Management (ISM) Berlin. His topics: Family companies and startups as well as succession processes and their success factors. Moreover, he looks at the future role of Human Resources Management in companies as well as the question how organisational structures can facilitate agile value creation.

“Berlin is a great place, the most sexy capital in Europe! I have never met anyone who doesn’t think Berlin is absolutely fascinating. That makes me really proud as a born-and-bred Berliner” says Professor René Sadowski. After years abroad, the East-Berliner moved back to his home city. And not just for family reasons: “The fascinating thing about being abroad is that after a while, you can look at the existing general conditions where you were socialised with a new perspective and logic” says the qualified economist. “A fresh look at how and why other nations follow a different path with regard to socio-political questions doesn’t just expand your experiences. This also makes you evaluate things in a different light, maybe even rethinking the emotion of previous convictions.”

Right form the start of his studies at the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar, René Sadowski was fascinated with organisations which, on the one hand, were acting traditionally robustly, and on the other, flexibly successfully in changing market conditions. “Family companies, in particular, seem to have this in their DNA. What makes these organisations so sustainably successful from an entrepreneurial perspective? I find this question absolutely fascinating. For these companies in particular are the backbone of our economy - a factor which many countries envy.”

The city is a hotspot for new talents and leadership personalities in established organisations, whose interfaces can turn creative potential into business ideas and can evolve with an eye on socio-political questions like no other place in Europe.

Even though the Brain City Berlin can now list numerous renowned institutions in the entrepreneurship / research area - in René Sadowski’s opinion, Germany still lags behind in terms of international science. “We can argue vigorously about the reasons and dynamics - but traditionally, the North American community is considerably more dominant - particularly when it comes to setting the agenda. But: Let's keep up!“ Berlin can offer numerous advantages. One is the flourishing startup scene in the city, which is also unrivalled when it comes to internationality. Berlin’s status as a metropolis region also opens up opportunities. The city is a hotspot for new talent, and leadership personalities in established organisations, whose interfaces can turn creative potential into business ideas like no other place in Europe, and can evolve with an eye on socio-political questions.”

And what advice can René Sadowski offer the next generation of academics planning a career in science in Berlin? “In my opinion, an academic career in my area is inconceivable without excellence, overseas experience and an international network” says the entrepreneurship expert. “You should align the primary focus of career planning in each case around where, and at which institutions, the best research is being done, and how you can enrich the research area yourself.” The question of location should be secondary. René Sadowski is quite certain about one thing though: “Anyone who meets the three criteria set out above will find opportunities in science and academia in Berlin.”

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